British GP Silverstone 2010

British GP Silverstone 2010
Hamilton gets pushed to the second row ready to start the British GP

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Everyone remembers their first time

Blogging that is. I have decided to create a blog dedicated to all forms of motorsport, the serious part will have some news and feature articles about all aspects of British motorsport, alongside F1, WRC, NASCAR, Indy, DTM, GT, BTCC, WTCC, GP2, F3, V8 Supercars and anything else that is considered appropriate. The other, arguably more exciting, although almost certainly less enlightening, part will be about my own personal take and experience on motorsport and life generally, seen through the eyes of someone desperate to break into motorsports writing, although not quite daft enough to believe it could happen. I will offer my slant on the big motorsport stories, introduce you to my F1 mad son, update you regularly on my almost certainly fruitless attempts to fulfil a childhood (or maybe just plain child-ish) dream of being involved in the sport by probably the only door left slightly ajar.
You will soon realise that my passion for the sport is probably only matched by my grumpiness and cynicism. I will attempt to illustrate my rants with, where possible some very unprofessional photography. Do try to encourage people to keep an eye on my blog if you think they will enjoy it, as I do tend to lose interest in things if they are not going my way.
Let's hope this is the start of an incredible journey, although it probably isn't!
By the way, I also have a twitter account:@daimccann.

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